About the Chamber and its History

This Chamber of Commerce was organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, civic and general interests of the towns of Webster, Dudley and Oxford.

WDO Chamber has a new website, Their new website is http://www.wdochamberma.com/ .

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Oxford incorporated was formed in 1600 and was claimed as the first original township of their area. During 1732 Dudley founded as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. A century later in 1832 Dudley was formed as parts of Dudley and Oxford. Portions of Oxford later were known as parts of Dudley during 1732 as well as Oxford South Gore which to this day is known as East Village were both made part of Webster later in 1812.

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Being the original gome of both the Huguenot and Nipmuc Indian Tribes who met on Webster Lake shores. " The Boundary Fishing Place - The neutral Meeting Ground." Both followed the rule of interpretation of " You fish on your side, I'll fish on my side and nobody fishes in the middle. "

Municipal Services

Towns have modern full time, round the clock, police protection accompanied by back-up of the Massachusetts State Police.  Fire departments are volunteer in all towns and are rated highly as can be noted by their lower than average fire insurance rates.  Each town has it's own volunteer ambulance and rescue squad and work together on a mutual aid basis.  Hubbard Regional Hospital is the center area for most accidents or emergencies.  Service is staffed on a 24-hour basis.